Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mee Kari Nyonya

Hello everyone.. hari nih sue masak Mee Kari Nyonya; thanx to my dear friend Tasha for her original recipe. I did some alteration to it and and make it a simplified version of my Malay Mee Kari.
Things to have:
Thick/thin noodles (mee, kuey teow, meehun), fish ball, fish cake, tofu puff, garlic+shallot+chili paste (a table spoon each), curry powder (2 table spoon), curry leaves, santan(about 100ml), chicken stock and seasonings too, garnishes; boiled eggs, sawi, fried tofu and sliced, shredded chicken, sliced chili, and fried shallots.
How to make:
Boil water in a pot with a cube of chicken stock. At boiling point I put in fish cake, fish ball, and tofu puff continue to let it boil. In a separate small nonstick frying pan I used some olive oil and stir-fry all the pastes including curry leaves and curry powder until brownish and thick, later simply pour it direct from the pan to the hot boiling water in the pot and stir well. Add in santan and continue to stir. At this point use the smalles fire so that the santan will cook without “pecah minyak” and the gravy will look nice and creamy. Add in seasoning and serve hot with noodles and all the side garnishes.

Easy kan? Good luck every one.
Ps: Nyonya Curry Mee usually comes with sambal. So simple fry plain sambal to go with the curry mee if you wish too. Or you can refer to my sambal recipes.

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